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Keppo's First Montblanc Pens. Is This The Real Life Or Is This Just Forgery?


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Hello Guys!

I have two pens for you today that i would like some more information on. Both are recent online finds, and very affordable which makes me worry a bit. I dont usually get lucky :D


First pen is Montblanc masterpiece.

There is "744-N" as engraving on the piston knob, but i didnt manage to get good picture of that yet, the text is tiny.

I will loan macro objective from a friend soon to take more detail pictures.


the band on cap says "MONTBLANC Masterpiece"



The pen cap also has ORION -logo as an engravement. Orion is finnish pharmaceutical company.


This is the best i can do to photograph the nib with kit objective. It looks real deal to me, but i dont think i have enough experience to be sure.


When i recieved this pen, it had dried blue ink inside, and it took quite a few purified water flushes to get it all out.

Piston works nicely, but it bothers me that i cant find a way to open this pen up to check it more closely. It would have made the cleaning process easier too.



Second pen that i have for you is, i think, Montblanc 236.

This one also came with dried ink inside, and it was bit harder to clean as piston doesnt work perfectly. Mechanism works but i think there is a problem with piston seal.

And as with the other pen, there seems to be no way to open this pen.



There is some kind of serial on rubber, D. R. P. 652405. The D could also be O, it is hard to read and partially faded, so im not sure what is the first letter


On this pen, the nib is very scratchy. Best picture i managed to get.




There is this 'spiral' under montblanc logo on the cap. I read somewhere that the logo would be made out of casein. Could it be that some of casein has rubbed off through time revealing socket that holds the logo? Or am i dealing with a forgery?

Again, i will provide better image after i get that macro objective for my loaner camera :)




I know there are lots of forgeries of MB pens, but what about these older pens? And how do i indentify if these are a real deal or not?

Is there really no way of opening these pens?

Also as the MB 236 seems to need some maintenance with the piston and possibly some work on the nib, where could i get it serviced. I live in Finland, so it would be nice if the maintenance would be happening in europe.

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I agree. Both are authentic, but they need a good service.

Best regards, Kai

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Well done! Both seem good pens. Just give them the care they deserve and you'll enjoy them for a long time. Pens from those times are excellent writers.

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Congratulations. Great finds.

I would put good money on them being the real deal.

With servicing by someone who specializes in vintage Montblanc pens, (read: don't send them off to Montblanc), you should have great pens that should last you the rest of your life.

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