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The Inoxcrom Sirocco


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Last week I bought a Inoxcrom Sirocco solid silver with gold nib. The Sirocco is not manufactured for almost 10 years, but can still be found fountain pens NOS.

The Sirocco Inoxcrom measured 14.6 cm long (5.748032in) and 1.5 cm wide (0.5905512in) and Sirocco fountain pens were the highest category of the Spanish brand Inoxcrom.

There are different versions, black resin, color green or red marble, but the more expensive versions were half resin and silver or all silver. You could choose between a good jib large steel or gold.


I am very happy with the Sirocco. This fountain pen writes fantastically and is really smart. You can feel it in your hands a thing of great quality.


This photo is next to a Twsbi Twsbi 580. The 580 is a great fountain pen, but to sign a contract or an important document seems tawdry and cheap next to the Inoxcrom Sirocco.


This is a representation of different types of Inoxcrom Sirocco. The last three are made with solid silver.


I recommend everyone get a Inoxcrom Sirocco before this impossible.

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