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Architect Grind

Shubhranshu Das

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I was hoping to understand this type of grind a bit better...


1. Are there different versions of this grind?

2. Which is considered to be better for a daily use situation?

3. What is the best "start" nib to use for this kind of grind? Steel? Gold? Medium? Broad?

4. Can this nib be used on any type of feed or is the feed to be adjusted to the nib as well?


Thank you for any tips and advice on this matter





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As there are no replies I shall contribute the little I know. I have a Parker 51 with a medium architect/Arabic grind. In my ordinary hand it consistently offers less line variation than a horizontal flat edged nib.

In relation to your specific questions:

1 P51s could be supplied with medium or broad. As to other types of variation to the grind, I cannot say very authoritatively, though I think the more or less rounded corners issue would be less relevant to a vertical straight edge.

2 I can produce my ordinary hand quickly and easily with my medium.

3 As is frequently mentioned, if the nib is tipped the metal of which it is made does not greatly matter. As to size, I suppose typically people start with flat edges more in the medium area.

4 I have not taken it apart, but it has only one slit and I cannot see why it would require a different feed.

Kind regards



Edited for typography.

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