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Sailor Kingdom Note Entoloma Virescens


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This is a series of ink reviews "blues reviews" covering nearly all the blue inks in my collection that I haven't yet reviewed.

The papers used are Mohawk via Linen, Hammermill 28lb inkjet, and Tomoe River. Sorry, but I didn't do any waterfastness test, or chromatography.






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Here is the waterfastness test for this ink. I'd written the text for this test back in July when I did the review but failed to perform the test. Now I have. The paper is Hammermill 28 lb inkjet. The ink lost almost no ink. This one may be very close to waterproof.

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That's an interesting thought. I don't know if anyone has ever brought that up before. Usually I test after 10 or 20 minutes after having written under the theory that the ink is truly dry by that time. But maybe that's not true. I don't know enough about ink composition to know whether there would be something in the ink that would cause it to bind more to the paper after some time. Or if it's just really letting the ink and the paper truly dry.


I think some experiments are in order.

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I did this review a while back, and recently returned to this ink. I noticed my pictures were less than stellar so I decided to repost one and add others. I see in the review I didn't think the ink sheened but on Tomoe River there is pink sheen in heavy applications of ink. Though honestly I don't know where it originates as I don't see any pink dye in the ink droplet. The ink does seem to have some water-resistance.


This ink is a near doppelgänger of Noodler's North Star Liberator LE as far as color goes.







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