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Dip Pens And Holders Pif


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I started to collect this by curiosity and I discovered that I don't have the patience for this. There are 8 dip holders with nibs on them, slightly used. Some are not even used. But there are a lot of them in a box and outside that are unused, just tested.


Feel free, if in USA, to request to be awarded this gift. Send PM telling me. This is a great opportunity for someone curious about calligraphy, drawing, etc. I only request payment of $6.50 for shipment via Paypal,


You have until Friday to make the request. The winner to be announced on Monday 3rd.





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The bowl nibs in the box are great for general writing. You can write with them like a fountain pen, vs. pointed nibs which can be fussy. I used the bowl nibs as my introduction nib with my dip pens.

There is a nice assortment of other nibs.

This is a nice set for someone to get started in dip pens. All you need now is ink.

San Francisco Pen Show - August 28-30, 2020 - Redwood City, California


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The PIF has been awarded. Not many bidders (just 4), but I understand; this is a fountain pens forum. Most did not reflect much enthusiasm for this set, so it was awarded to the most eloquent of you. i hope you use them properly and dearly! (I know you will).Thank you all and have a nice writing week.

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