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Waterman Carene Contemporary Blue And Gunmetal Xf Review - My First Review!

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Welcome to my first fountain pen review. This is of a waterman carene in contemporary blue and gunmetal with an XF nib. This pen was purchased (and tuned) from nibs.com. For now I will not post any pictures (as I can't be fussed to pull out the SLR) but pictures can be found from the offical website: http://www.waterman.com/en/carene/212-contemporary-blue-and-gunmetal-fountain-pen-st-3501179045580.html I think it looks better in person though!


Forgive my hand writing, this is a hand written review. I did it quite hastily, the scanner didn't quite capture the ink's colour properly, it's a bit darker, but my screen isn't 100% calibrated either.




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Thanks for your review. The first fountain pen I bought for myself was a Deluxe Black Gold Carene (previously the couple of pens I'd owned had been bought for me by my dad).


I used that pen everyday for many years & always with Waterman Purple ink in cartridge form. I never cleaned it or maintained it in any way. Waterman repaired it a couple of times when it started leaking. Eventually, Waterman told me it was simply worn out and beyond repair.


15+ years and many pens later I am craving another Carene just like the one I used to have. I think your review has tipped me over the edge and I'll be ordering another Deluxe Black Gold Carene from nibs.com. Thanks, I think!

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