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Larger Alternative For Kaweco Liliput Fireblue


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I've admired the look of the fireblue Kaweco Liliput, with its cool metallic sheen, but the pen itself is a bit too small for me, I'm afraid. Is there a fountain pen with a similar look that might be larger? Over 130mm capped perhaps.


And maybe something not super-heavy like the Chinese metal body pens? And hopefully less expensive than the Kaweco?

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Nope, nothing like it. If you want to go plastic, there are some wonderful Viscontis out there that have similar colors to the Liliput, but they are not really less expensive...




Using right now:

Parker 51 "F" nib runing PR Tanzanite

Narwhal Nautilus "F" nib running Montblanc Racing Green 

Edison Comet "F" nib running Leonardo Officina Italiana Blue

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I keep seeing this on Massdrop, and I want it, but the cartridge thing is a dealbreaker for me.... that and the fact that it's tiny, and I have largeish hands. Anyone else know of anything made this way?

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