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An 0862 V Ringtop


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I've collected a number of Waterman ringtops, and most have been variations on the 52 1/2 v model. But I bought one on eBay that's numbered 0682 v: it's a bit thicker than the other model - about the dimensions of a Wahl-Eversharp ringtop. It's got a swell nib, too.


Does the collective knowledge base know anything about this model? I'd think it was later than the 52s, but you have to be a necromancer to figure out the numbering system.

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Here's a picture, and what Mr. Binder's chart reveals:

0 = gold-filled

8 = Broad gold-filled cap lip band

6 = Cone-cap lever-filler

V = Vest-pocket (short) pen

These are all pre-1917 numbers, which gives a rough date for the pen. I just happen to never have run across one before. Has anyone else?


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Thanks for adding a picture, but as you don't show the entire pen, it's difficult to say more ...

Your pen looks more like a 52 V ringtop, as far as I can see ...

Sorry to ask, but are you sure to read properly "0682 V" on the end of the pen ?


I've got a "0852V" model, and the only difference with a 52 V is the large band on the cap (it's missing its lever box) :





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Aha! While taking the picture of the digits, I now see that the numbers are 0852 v - which indicates a regular ol' lever-fill. That makes more sense, but it's still a bit bigger than the other Watermans in my collection. Here's a picture of the pen next to a 52 1/2 v.



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