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Information Needed About A Soennecken 810 Eye Dropper Safety Pen


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I just acquired and restored a safety pen. Although I now know what it is made of, important questions still remain, so I was wondering if anybody knows more about the pen. I am not even sure I know how to fill it correctly, although I did manage to fill it. It fills through the end that the nib is also coming out from. Can I turn it upside down when the nib is in or I'll have all the ink on my hands? Is there a certain technique to fill it? There is a hollow screw that is supposed to keep it in place, which is now loose inside the pen as I can't figure out how to screw it with the insides of the pen in... (Don't worry, the grommet is holding everything in place!)

Please help, if you can. I absolutely love the pen, and the nib is the most incredible flex I have ever seen! It is an EF, according to the inscription, but it is much thinner than that, and I can flex it at least eight times the size of the fine line, without ever seeing any railroading.





Rad from Alabama_________________________

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A rare prize I should say.


Filling a safety is straightforward: use an eye-dropper or syringe as you say with the nib retracted. If you invert the pen retracted you will have ink everywhere; the cap of course retains the ink.


I'm afraid I do not know what you mean about the loose screw, nor the "grommet" I have rebuilt a few - Waterman's, Whytewarth and a Gold Starry, but have no knowledge of Soennecken's safeties.


When you write with the pen, does the nib stay in place?



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I wondered why I did not understand what radconsta meant by "the loose screw" and the "grommet" I am glad I was not the only one...


Cob if you have rebuilt a Waterman, most probably the most difficult Safety to repair, you could work on a Soennecken pretty easy...


I do not go as far as repairing, I just write with them and I have several Soennecken Safeties in different sizes, they are among the best and the safer Safeties to write with, I should say I have traveled with one of mine on the plane although it is not what should be done... The important part is the cork but that comes later when the right question asked by Cob is answered.

When you write with the pen, does the nib stay in place?

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Thank you for your replies. And sorry for my not being clear before.

I replaced the cork with a rubber grommet from Tractor Supply. All I needed to do was to rub the inside hole to make it wider - that allowed me to perfectly adjust the outside diameter to fit the body of the pen. In fact, that is what is holding now the pen in place. (And its nib). That hollow screw that I referred to has an outside thread, which screws in the barrel of the pen. The height of the screw is about 5mm. It's inner hole accommodates the shaft in between the cap at the other end of the pen (where the cork was) and the spiral that advances the nib. As the shaft and the spiral are connected and secured with a pin, I can't figure out how to turn the said screw so that I don't have to rely just on the grommet to hold the nib in place. Any ideas, Cob?

Thank you

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Rad from Alabama_________________________

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Grommet = washer






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I have here a drawing of the rear parts of German safeties:



I believe the Soennecken are of type 2. The only thing preventing the retraction of the nib is the ping washer.


And I have to say of all the safeties, the Waterman's safeties are the easiest to repair.



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Thank you all - I figured it out: the cap comes off by pushing a transversal pin, than I will be able to see the short screw, than put the cap back.

Rad from Alabama_________________________

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