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Hms Beagle - Organics Studio


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Some time ago there was a rumor Organics Studio would be coming back with some of their inks. I don't know if that happened or not. If anyone has some knowledge I would appreciate insight.

HMS Beagle is crazy ink. The color isn't bad (not for me though) but the behaviour is different story,. Yes, it dries extemely fast. On the other hand it causes extreme bleedthrough. For me the ink is unusable.

Drops of ink on kitchen towel


Drops of ink on kitchen towel


Oxford Recycled, Kaweco Sport Classic, B







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Another Organic Studio ink that was "unusable" for me was "Charles Darwin Santiago Bay Blue" which I believe would FEATHER with an "accountant" fine nib! After ordering it I was convinced my pen had "gone haywire!" I had NEVER experienced such feathering even on "nice paper." I try to record a writing sample in a Rhodia graph pad upon receipt of new inks to "look back" or check color "aging." Santiago Bay is a pretty color with "poor manners!" I have enjoyed probably a dozen of the other OS inks BUT am sorry I "met" SB.

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