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Yet Another "help Me Choose A Pen" Topic


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The moment might have arrived for me to make another purchase. As a birthday gift to myself I'm thinking of something special.


Possible options are Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystal Swirls, OMAS Paragon Arco Bronze/Brown, Danitrio Mikado. I had also considered the amazing Conway Stewart Churchill, but those are very hard to come by these days and they are not piston fillers.


As you probably guessed, I like big pens, with a a hefty section. The winner will become my daily writer, replacing my Montegrappa Emblema in red celluloid. It's very beautiful but the nib is too small and the section too thin. ( a great pen though). Oh yes, I also like large nibs.


Open to suggestions.

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You have a significant pen budget there. Where are you located? I see you fly the Canadian Flag. I always recommend a trip to a pen store. You would have to go to a high-end store with that kind of budget.


I really like Omas. They are beautiful pens with great nibs. My Danitrio is huge, but it has never written well. I don't know if they make piston fillers. I've never cared much for Visconti. I have a Homo sapiens that doesn't write well.


Have you looked at the pen measurements page on nibs.com. It is helpful if you know the size of a pen you already like.




I hope this helps. Let us know what you get.

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I'm still trying to figure out how to list all my pens down here.

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Any of the pens you mention can be great pens and writers....


You should go for the pen that catches your fancy.....not ours.....


Either buy from a store if you have one available or buy from a good dealer like nibs.com that will have the great John Mottishaw check out/adjust and/or grind nib before shipping it.....


Another option is from someone like Bry at chatterlyluxuries.com and either he can check out pen or you can have him send to the great nibmeister Michael Masuyama to tune and/or grind for you....


Variety of good options....


Hope this helps.



FP Addict & Pretty Nice Guy




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Thanks guys.


Of course I'll decide whatever I like best - it's just that different opinions are useful in entertaining ideas and perspectives.

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If you the Omas way, you might consider some "vintage" models in celluloid. I do not mean real vintage pens, just one of the many celebration editions issued in the past few years. Saffron and burkina for example. I am personally not excited by the arco pattern.


If you like big nibs and hefty sections, you might also consider the Dolcevita Oversize. Very chunky.

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A couple more to add to the search list might be the Montegrappa Extra 1930 and a Ferrari da Varese Bottecelli.





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