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Reynolds Fountain Pen - My First Review


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I have been an active reader and a super passive contributor, till today. I am hoping to change the later with this first review. 

This is one of the first pens I bought about 3-4 years ago at a local stationary shop. The objective then was to just try some low cost pen in a risk free manner. The pen still remains one my favourite writers, one of my regular go-tos when I write at home. The art work on the pen is a bit too risqué to take the pen out for professional meetings.

I cannot recall the exact price now, but I believe it was less than a dollar (in fact probably less than $0.50). I had bought this at a local stationary shop in Mumbai, as a typical student pen (though I have left my student days far behind). I will let my writing do the rest of the review...hopefully not too illegible!!

PS: Comments/feedback on my review most welcome.

PPS: The stationary pen store did not know the name of this pen model and I never could find more details online. Any pointers to the pen model would be appreciated! 







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This is the Grippy...nice pen as a starter for kids...

Good review.

I just checked the grippy on flipkart, it actually looks slightly different(on the cap mainly) . Incidentally looks like I have one of those also, in brown color without any imagery. The nib on that one is also extremely nice but the pen leaks a lot and is now lying unused in my drawer

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My Reynolds fountain pen is eyedropper fill. I am afraid to use it, except as a dip pen.

The attached price tag was was 25 INR. It's a fun pen to own.

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