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Cross Townsend - Help/opinions


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I'm planning on purchasing a Cross Townsend fountain pen, but I can't seem to make up my mind on the finish. I'm considering the following:

  • Quartz Blue Lacquer
  • Garnet
  • Ruby Lacquer

Opinions are more than welcome. Any information regarding your experience with a Townsend is appreciated. I would love to see a writing sample for the fine and medium nib (two-tone 18-karat/rhodium-plated). Thanks in advance.

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I have all three (with multiples of each), and for me the choice between those would come down to Ruby vs. Quartz Lacquer. I'm not as wild about the Townsend designs with the "rings" around the barrel (the Garnet and the Citrine), but there's nothing wrong with them, that's just subjective preference.


Ruby is flashier, QB a touch more "elegant." (Be aware that the QB is a little darker "in the flesh" than it often appears in online pictures -- an all too common problem with fountain pens, in my experience.) But they're both great pens and write well.


Scribe, Master of Mystic Lore, Young Curmudgeon

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Do you happen to have a pic of the Ruby and QB side by side by any chance? I know this is also subjective, but do you prefer to use the Townsend with a fine or medium nib?


I really appreciate you taking the time to respond!

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I have a medium nib, and I really wish it were a fine point. Depends on what you're using it for, and how large you like to write, I'd imagine? I would say filling out forms and writing on most lined paper would be much easier with a finer nib.

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