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Yesterday at the pen shop.

The guy emptied a small paper pack full of old Lamy Safaris in decent to excellent condition - various colours. All around $10.

Could not believe my eyes when among the bunch peeked an unmistakable and familiar Green!

The Savannah.

Mint condition with the sticker still on it, although the print was gone.

Picked them all and naturally felt overjoyed!

However, in daylight today, I see a name sitting there, quietly, on one facet. Small fonts. Not very visible but distinctly there. Heat stamped / engraved.

My question to any one who may be able to help is - 'what do I do?' 'can I remove the personalization?'

Is there any way this name could be dealt with while retaining the matt finish of the surface of the barrel?

In fact, I have another barrel from the past (just the barrel), somewhat beaten but without any imperfection. A bit off tone from the mint cap of this current find but I could still manage.

I switched section and cap...but the cap is loose in this setting (the original barrel swapped with the replacement).

Any help on either of these fronts would be really appreciated..

Good day all!

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Embrace it. Leave it. Some of my very best pens have someone else's name on them. Alternately keep the engraving and change your name to match.



hah. clearly someone ordered a pen back in the day and either failed to pick it up or they got the engraving wrong and had to do a do over.

Looking for a cap for a Sheaffer Touchdown Sentinel Deluxe Fat version

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no time to type this But! serious doubt there is any way to alter this without significant damage.

I've never seen a personalized Safari, besides the Very rare logos such as Apple, so I actually think this is actually this adds a unique feature.

I would not touch it other than very basic cleaning that does not cause any harm, destabilizing the now aging materials.

If it truly disturbs you, sell it to another Safari collector, and look for a unmarked example, but be prepared to pay a chunk of change.

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If it were mine, I'd try to name the pen to go along with the initials. So initials PNP would be Pretty Neat Pen, etc. :)

That way it stays original and cap/barrel match.

Congrats though on a cool find!

~ Justifying pen purchases since 2013 ~

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