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For father's day my wife kids got me a new portfolio from Etsy. I love the thing but the only "problem" with it is that it only has two sleeves for pens, and they're quite narrow sleeves. They're leather, so they'll eventually stretch, but until then I'm looking for some sort of not-too-expensive leather holder that I can clip on the outside to hold a couple of more pens. The closest I've seen has been the Midori pen clips but I don't know if those are really just designed for the thin'ish Midori leather. Does anyone have any suggestions, recommendations and/or guidance? As always, the group's help is really appreciated! :)

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OK, that's now the second time someone has responded to a question I've posted with a logical, why-didn't-I-think-of-that answer. I'm done here *grin* Thanks my63 - that's a great idea. I'll post any follow-up! :)

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