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Cheap Leather Pen Case From China?


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Hello Everyone,


I found this reasonably priced pen case from China:



Has anyone tried buying similar cases (for similar prices) from Chinese sellers?


I think it looks quite nice but I don't want it to break down in a few months, so any feedback would be great and any general comments/ suggestions for pen cases are welcome!



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I don't wish to be picky but the listing in your link does not seem to mention leather at all most of the description is about their pens

You're right! Perhaps I should ask them. Personally, I wouldn't mind it not being real leather. I just want it to last. I was looking for a relatively inexpensive 4 pen case to protect my pens.

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With lower priced 'leather' pen cases, pay attention to how the leather has been tanned and/or dyed. There have been issues with chromium based dyes and/or tanning methods, particularly for storage of pens which are metal; the issues relate to tarnishing/oxidation. You can do a search initially on FPN; also of course a general Google search for more information.


For a US retailer of lower priced pen cases, I've found Andersen pens to have reasonable prices; IIRC they were sourcing out of India.


Link: www.andersonpens.net


Good customer service from them!

Moshe ben David


"Behold, He who watches over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps!"

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