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Sailor Profit Standard 21 Fountain Pen Medium Nib Black 11-1521-420


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Hi folks, I just ordered a Sailor Profit Standard fountain pen for $99 plus shipping via Amazon and hope it's as good as it appears. The listing is for a Sailor Profit Standard 21 fountain Pen Medium Nib Black 11-1521-420. I asked if it was 21k (not 14k) and was told yes. 21k. In the photo it has 2 cap rings which would point to it being a newer version. I did a lot of researching (both on the forum here and elsewhere) and a lot of watching on the Bay, before purchasing. I also purchased a Sailor converter for $6. All the similar pens I watched on Ebay went for around $150 and up.
Now I wait. Fingers-crossed it's exacly what it's claimed to be.

Does anyone know why is should be around the same price point as a 1911 Standard with 14k nib?

There are many Japanese sellers selling the exact same model on Amazon for a similar price.
My second question is for those of you that have both the sailor 14k nibs AND the 21k nibs, which do you prefer. I realize the Japanese nibs generally run narrower than western or european (which I found true with both the Pilot Custom 74 and Platinum 3776.)
I don't know if I can post a link to the Amazon sellers, so just cut and paste the topic title to find it yourself, if interested. (I went with a seller with a 100% rating and lots of sales.) Thanks for all the helpful info and input, it's been a treasure trove for me!

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