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My Engraved Esties


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I know the first two aren't Esterbrooks, but they're still cool. Going down the list...


- Hard rubber Dollar Pencil (?) marked "National Discount Corp."

- Ellen Ditsch's red J (I think)

- Bell Systems Property LJ

- Red J from the Benevolent Association of Railyard Employees (Chicago 13 chapter?)

- 2 Bell Systems J's

- 1 Bell Systems LJ (I think... I should've left these out instead of packing them back up!)


- Green J Hassler Paper House

- Murphy Butter & Egg Company (J, I think)

- School District of Erie (SJ, probably)
- Two Property of Ft Wayne School District SJ's (I think) with different engravings
- Bell Systems something or other
- Two more Bell Systems J's and a AAA J

Steve. Just plain ol' Steve.

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These are great! Thanks for sharing them. My favorite is the Murphy Butter and Egg pen. I have a AAA pen and pencil set with the box. Interesting how most are black. I do have one in gray with a business engraving. Black must have said "Serious Business" more than RootBeer. :)


“When the historians of education do equal and exact justice to all who have contributed toward educational progress, they will devote several pages to those revolutionists who invented steel pens and blackboards.” V.T. Thayer, 1928

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I don't have any, by that 'School District of Erie' one is awesome, since that's where I went to school!

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