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J Herbin 1670 Anniversary Emerald Of Chivor Ink


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we have just got in a sample of J Herbin's Emerald of Chivor ink and it deserves a quick review.

I will say this up front : this one is a game changer.

J Herbin caused a revolution last year with Stormy Grey. The anticipation was incredible, the sales were over the roof...and mostly...it got people talking and writing again.

Turns out, Stormy Grey was just the beginning.


This year J Herbin have opted for a green coloured ink with gold specs.

Here is the official info:

After the 1670 Hematite Red, Ocean Blue and Stormy Grey, we now have Chivor Emerald.
In the middle of the XVI century, when the Conquistadors discovered the Colombian emerald mines, in particular the Chivor mine renowned for its emeralds with bluish tints. From then on, because of their exceptional qualities, they conquered the imperial courts of Europe thanks to the Indian traders.
Later, J.Herbin continued his journeys to India. It is said that he always kept an emerald with him as the virtues of this precious stone are thought to protect the traveler…

It is very difficult to photograph and describe, but I will do my best. Post might be a little picture heavy ;)


The bottle is the same as other 3 Anniversary inks.

Teal seal with golden thread. Specs in the bottle remind me of nail varnish.


Emerald describes the colour very well. Shading goes from Vert Reseda to dark teal. Ink flow is excellent!


Ink has a heavy outer contour purple sheen (just like Sailor's Yama Budo), but there is also light green metallic sheen (colour similar to Fisher's Green Space Pen). This two-coloured sheen is in my opinion unheard (un-seen) of!


Just like Stormy Grey, this ink is water-resistant. Not water-proof, but if you use it to write the address on the envelope, it should be OK.



So here it is...over-all very exciting ink... What do you think? Is it your cup of tea? Would you get a bottle (or two)?


I have been trying to find The One and accumulated almost 100 different colours (mostly green, turquoise, gold) of ink.

This one will rule them all!









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Drooling already Mishka!!!!!

When will this divine Herbin ink be available?????


UK release is 1st September 2015.

You can click email me when in stock here.

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I am a great fan of blue green....and it goes without saying I will have to add a bottle of this to my stable of inks. Thanks for the review. :)


Also...I am convinced sale sites are going to crash in the stampede when this becomes available. :rolleyes:

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Now that's a color I would like. Of course it is getting so that a bottle of ink costs as much as a decent entry level pen (i.e. the pending TWSBI ECO) so one must decide where to spend one's resources. :glare: :glare: :glare:

“Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today, because if you do it today and like it, you can do again tomorrow!”

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I have and love the whole standard JHerbin collection, but never got interested in the special 1670 series. This ink will probably change that.


I can see you did a comparison with Sailor's Yama Dori. Could we have a closer picture of this? Should be very interesting!


Thanks in advance! :)

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Well, I am on this forum now so Mishka, you better start giving me photo credits :P


Can't stop drolling though. Gotto fix up this vista demonstrator ;)

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I have already reserved a bottle! I know what you mean about 'the ONE'. It's the same thing with pens. There must surely be ONE pen that fulfills all my needs but I always find an excuse to keep looking.

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Green is just about my least favorite color category, but this one is so unique and stylish that it has me a little bit tempted!

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