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Some Fun With Wearever Pennants


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Hi, folks! When I am not playing with Sheaffer or Swan Visofil pens, I have a secret interest in Wearevers. I guess it's because when you go pen hunting there are just so darn many of them in antique shops and I can't just pass over them. Wearevers are kind of like filler in between nicer pens, but I tend to pick them up anyway and have accumulated a lot of them. Some Wearever pens are surprisingly decent pens and many are just plain junkers - something to learn how to do sac replacements.


One particular Wearever pen I will always grab, if cheap and in good condition, is the 1950s Wearever Pennant. To me, a minty Pennant in Aqua - Wearever's light blue - is the quintessential cheap fifties pen.


I spent a lot of time researching an updating a very old article on PenHero.com on the Wearever Pennant that I hope is fun for those who like these pens. If you can add or help correct anything in the article, especially with regard to any Pennant colors I may have missed, please let me know. You can read it here:


Wearever Pennant c1950-1960





In researching the article, I looked at a LOT of Wearever ads and noticed that David Kahn ran a full page ad campaign in 1950 through 1951 that used some very amusing cartoons as part of the pitch. You can read it here:


Wearever Pennant: The Pen That Solves All of Life's Problems!





Hope you have a lot of fun with these!



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A really entertaining piece, Jim! Thanks for taking the time to put it together. Can't look at a Pennant without thinking about those comic strips now...



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Great fun! I'm glad to see the Pennant getting the attention it deserves.

Now I'm going to have to dig out my FlexFine and try it again. My memory is that it is a pretty respectable semiflex American F nib.


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This has actually been quite fun. Since I posted, I've found out a few more tidbits and have some speculation that there are two distinct versions of the Pennant and will update accordingly once I nail some things down. It's really too bad there isn't more primary information on Wearever other than a couple of 1930s catalogs.

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Wearever products are fun to collect and use. I have a lovely "Taperite Citation " type. It's an elegant dark blue/gold with a gold nib.

Information on this model is hard to find.

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Great Stuff!


Thanks for putting it together!



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