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Noodler's Canadian Exclusive!


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$62.75 delivered to the UK.




Shame, I'd have loved a bottle of that Blue Upon The Plains of Abraham.


Convincing myself that the written word from KWZI IG Blue Black is close enough but nowhere near when washed over. Pira, your trees are stunning and always show an ink off beautifully but this has to be one of your best ever. Incredible . . .


I am EVER so glad it's reformulated. I really like the new shade. Thank-you for the review ~ it really illustrates the differences :D. A friend snagged a sample for me and behold: a tree happened!


19125482145_ffe5c2ce49_z.jpgNoodler's Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham by Pira Urosevic, on Flickr

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Sorry to bump this thread, but I recently got two bottles of this ink, and I love it. It reminds me very much of MB JFK. Shipping to the US is very reasonable, just send an email to Wonderpens and they will take very good care of you. This is Nathan's best ink yet, and I can only pray that he will keep making it.

Rationalizing pen and ink purchases since 1967.

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I was in Wonder Pens back in August and was seriously debating grabbing a bottle of the new and improved Blue on the Plains of Abraham but got gun shy after my experiences with the original version which was the rare dud in the Noodler's line.

"Life moves pretty fast, if you do not stop and look around once and a while you might just miss it."

Ferris Bueller




Bill Smith's Photography

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This is an amazing review !! I hope Nathan makes more Canadian Exclusive inks! It would be a really cool collection to have !

A lot of the times we look at a tree, we fall in love with the leaves and we end up forgetting about the roots that held it all together - David So, comedian.

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I quite enjoy this ink. I'm on my second fill on my Ferris Wheel Press Brush fountain pen and about halfway through my first fill on my Noodler's Charlie pen. So my experience is fairly limited still, but I wanted to share my thoughts about this ink.


I love the colour, very much a grey-blue. Possibly a bit light for me, but it's very soothing too. Very nice for writing pages and pages of text. But I'm not so fond of it for my Bullet Journal or note taking at work.


It flows from the pen very well, no clogging or false starts. Possibly too well as the line it makes is significantly thicker than any other ink I've put in these pens. I'm going to try this in a fine nib pen soon to see if this makes the line size I like because with a medium nib, this line is too thick for my writing style.


If I twirl my Charlie eyedropper pen (cap on - of course), which I'm prone to do when thinking, then a drop of ink pools at the nib and will fall on the paper when I start to write. This didn't happen with Heart of Darkness, even when the body was less than a quarter full of ink. But it does happen with Blue Upon The Plains of Abraham, even when the pen is full.


I haven't had any trouble with it clogging or drying in the pen yet. But I use my pens constantly and a fill usually lasts less than a week.


After about a week, I was less in love with the colour. It feels a bit flat on the page, but that might be because the line is so thick or there's less shading than I'm used to.


Water test - I took some pages I had finished with and ran them under the sink for about a minute to see if the ink really was water resistant. The ink had been on the page for about 10 minutes so I don't think it was fulled cured, but very little ink came off. With some intense scrubbing I was able to get a bit of ink off, but the letters on the page stayed as they were. Eventually the paper started to degrade before the ink.


On the whole a good ink. Maybe with the right nib, this might become my daily ink. It's a very calm colour and I love the history behind it. I don't think I'll put it in an eyedropper again.


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Could somebody 'splain to me:


What is "vintage waterproof?"


I downloaded the Noodlers properties sheet from the Raven black blog post and it is the only one marked as "vintage waterproof." They say it is the top layer of ink that did not bond to the paper was the part that smeared. Does that make this "vintage" waterproof? I fail to understand the difference. Anyone know?

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Could somebody 'splain to me:


What is "vintage waterproof?"


I downloaded the Noodlers properties sheet from the Raven black blog post and it is the only one marked as "vintage waterproof." They say it is the top layer of ink that did not bond to the paper was the part that smeared. Does that make this "vintage" waterproof? I fail to understand the difference. Anyone know?


My limited understanding from watching the videos that Goulett does is that vintage means it's PH nutural so it will not damage the paper over time, as well as being fade (light?) resistant. I'm not sure about Waterproof. I think it means that water won't wash away the ink... or possibly all of the ink.


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Not quite sure that's what he means. I mean, Noodler's has a bunch other Ph neutral inks. Says so on the label.

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Earlier I said I was falling out of love with this ink and it looks flat on the page. Tonight I'm writing letters in hopes of using up the ink quicker and I suddenly find myself falling back in love with this ink. I suspect that the quality of the paper has a huge influence on this ink, much more than other inks. Although, it's the only ink that's bled through to the other side of this letter writing paper. With my usual inks, I can usually write on both sides. But this is beading through to the next sheet in the pad.


I can't wait to try it in a fine nib.


This ink has so many qualities I love and a few deal breaker qualities. I feel that it's worth experimenting with more.


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Ah Ha! The properties of Noodler's inks: https://www.jetpens.com/blog/noodlers-fountain-pen-inks-a-comprehensive-guide/pt/902




Bulletproof inks are water resistant as well as resistant to all tools known to be used by forgers, including bleach, alcohol, and UV light. These inks use special cellulose-reactive dyes, so they don’t work well on coated or non-cellulose-based paper.


Unfortunately, it doesn't tell us what 'vintage' means.

Edited by the-smell-of-dust-after-rain


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