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Greetings For The Uk! New Person Hoping For Some Help


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Hello to one and all,


I have found your lovely forum here after coming into possession of what appears to be a rather rare item today.


I own and operate a forum myself for my US sports team and so place a lot of value in the opinions and efficacy of forums as a place to speak with the REAL people who know what is what on a particular subject.


This one is very much new to me, hence why I was delighted to find the forum here as hopefully a way to get some advice.


So.....to the meat and potatoes.


Today I stumbled across a presentation box for the Montegrappa, Ali vs Frazier, Thrilla in Manilla Limited Edition Fountain pen box set, limited to 350 made.


Of course, I have found various listings and information about the complete set, with pen/s, certificates of authenticity and all the things that came with this originally but I only have the presentation box right here.


So, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on and assist me with how I could potentially find someone who would want this? I am aware that there is a large amount of stock placed (in collectors circles/markets) on the boxes for high value pens, and so if someone just has the pen for some reason then they would be the person I would need to be in touch with.


I am in the UK (on the south coast in Brighton) but if perhaps someone around the world wanted this very rare presentation box to complete their pen set, then would be more than happy to properly, safely and securely send it anywhere in the world.


I have spoken to a couple of pen collector experts here in the UK and they have given me an indication of value and desirability but as I said, I would very much like to hear some of your takes in the situation I find myself in with this......hoping not to end up losing out to some thrifty dealer who convinces me to sell it to them for much less than it is worth to the right buyer.


Many thanks in advance, really glad I have found your site here and hope to be chatting with some of you soon.




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Hello and Welcome to FPN!! Glad to have you as a member!!


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Welcome !


I hope you collect to please yourself. Buying limited edition pens for profit is usually not a good

choice. People expect that the next owners will pay ever-increasing prices.


Enjoy your pens.

Auf freiem Grund mit freiem Volke stehn.
Zum Augenblicke dürft ich sagen:
Verweile doch, du bist so schön !

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Hello and welcome to you. Had a relative in Eastbourne until a few years ago and popped over to Brighton last time I was there. Like that part of the world.


The box is a great piece of pen memorabilia but as to the actual value on its own is, in my opinion, anyones guess.


Oddly enough another new member from the UK appeared last year and he had an assortment of high end Montblanc boxes which I had an interest in. Amazing story attached to them but after I did a lot of research for him he simply vanished.

A wise man once said    " the best revenge is wealth "   but a wiser man answered back    " the best revenge is happiness "


The true definition of madness - Doing the same thing everyday and expecting different results......

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Thanks for the welcome's people!


In the spirit of honesty, and for the sake of pragmatism, I shall first and foremost restate that I have only signed up here to get advice on how best to go about selling the box I have acquired.


I am, and will, not be collecting pens I'm afraid.......so I hope that does not sullen my introduction to the board.


I should have expected that it might actually, as if someone joined my forum who obviously was not there because they loved all that we are about......I would not be happy to entertain or help them.


But I guess it is that passion, devotion and ownership of ones own interest that made me take the chance......as who better to ask the opinions of than people who care for these sorts of things the most?


Ohh and just to clarify, I literally just stumbled across the *box only* for this edition of Montegrappo......found it intriguing due to its extremely low purchase price (purely as a person who likes lovely boxes to store things in) and subsequently realised exactly what it was when I got home.


So may I perhaps be redeemed via the fact I did not specifically purchase this with the intent of selling it on for profit? merely that that is an unexpected (but desired due to its subsequently realised rarity) result of googling its background and finding that it could potentially allow me to invest in the myriad of things I do in-fact collect.

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Hi James


Welcome to FPN



Basically I should remove your post as it is an offer to trade or sell, and we do not allow that in our forums.

But seen as a question to know more about it it should be OK.


This is an Italian pen-box, so I guess you could best go over to our Italian forum and see what is going there.



Basically, your box has little value on it's own, it is the combination with the pen that gives it it's value.

As you stated you will have to find someone who has a pen but lost the box. The papers with it won't be worth anything as these pens are numbered, and a wrong number paper will actually devalue the combination.


As you say, there were 350 made, so you will have 349 possible interested people in the entire world.... How to find them? Will there be one who just NEEDS that box? Chances!? Not high in my opinion. So don't go to sleep with $$$$ or Sterling in your mind.


BTW: Have you tried contacting Montegrappa? They may be your best way to a possible buyer.







Freedom exists by virtue of self limitation.





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Thanks for that RMN.


Apologies for insinuating about selling it to you guys.......glad you picked up on the fact it was more about advice.


As for what you said, that is kind of what I thought and why I wanted to see what real collectors thought. I mean, as you say, its like there are many people who would have bought this to mess around and use it, potentially leading to misplacing the box.


More the likely the only person who would want will be the person who gave this one up in the first place! lol.


But I will see what kind of interest is out there and if not, Ive got a nice box to put some stuff for........50p......yep, thats right........it was 0.50 English pennies.

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Welcome aboard and enjoy your new toy/pen/all-around-good-thing. :)

Nature is the one song of praise that never stops singing. - Richard Rohr

Poets don't draw. They unravel their handwriting and then tie it up again, but differently. - Jean Cocteau

Ο Θεός μ 'αγαπάς

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Hi! Welcome to FPN. :W2FPN:

I'm really glad you've joined us.


Best wishes from Japan,


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