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Organics Studio Nickel Teal—A Handwritten Review

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Organics Studio isn't making inks anymore, but back when they did I was a big fan. Nickel was the first ink of theirs I purchased, and after some time I started getting more. The creative inks were my favorite, like the iron gall Aristotle and the chlorophyl-pigmented Mendel. When I heard OS was stopping ink production I bought almost $100 worth of OS ink from the Goulets.


Imagine my surprise when half of them developed SITB a few months later… :angry:


So far the bottles lost to SITB are Neon, Nickel, and two others that are at the bottom of a shame pile I don't care to dig through.


Luckily I'd written this review already, so while reading it just remember that when I wrote the review it was a currently produced ink and also didn't have a colony growing in it.






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I really like my O.S. inks too. Nickel is a fun one. My favorites are Emily Dickinson and Jane Austen. I haven't had any stuff in the bottle yet, but I keep a close eye on them just in case.

Tessy Moon

My thoughts are filled with beautiful words for the King, and I will use my voice as a writer would use pen and ink. Psalm 45:1

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