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All About Famous Writers, Fountain Pens & Working Space

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I would like to start sharing the writing place of Mrs. Virginia Woolf and some of her writings.








It seems that she writes with an OB nib. Does anyone know about her fountain pens?





This is from her writings when she used to study italian language...










Important webpage about her manuscripts: http://www.woolfonline.com/timepasses/?q=image/tid/8


Her writing desk... with nice views to the garden... It seems a very relaxing place...






Her bedroom: What an amazing bedroom !!






I suggest you to bring to this thread all the info that you have about any writer and his/her fountain pens, writings, etc...

Thanks a lot !!!

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Fountain pens, inks, reviews, and more...

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The uneven ink flow suggests she was using a dip pen.

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Virginia Woolf indeed used a dip pen, as did Shelby Foote in his series The Civil War: A Narrative of 1.2 million words.

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Fantastic post, adrianllg! Thanks so much for posting this. I really hope others will follow suit with entries using your format. So much potential for awesomeness in a thread like this.

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