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Triumph-Nibbed Sheaffer...new Obsession. Help.

Sailor Kenshin

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Thanks again! Here I had been calling the pen my ValiantAdmiral's Triumph...


All very confusing with so many names !! Luckily all the caps are interchangeable so it makes no practical difference to looks or usage, enjoy your new find.

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Welcome to the Land of The Triumph!


Quick note as you go crazy finding these. The ones with the tubes, the touchdown and even Snorkel fillers are relatively easy to repair. The ones with the rods are vacuum-fillers and require a bit more skills. I find it best to leave those to the experts who know what they're doing. But my favorites are the vacuum fillers as they hold so much ink!


So, if you find a bunch in a flea market or antique store, remember the vacuum-fill (rod) will cost a little bit more to repair. But they're also worth it!


I have a few and love every one of them, even the poor little tuckaway that I can't write with because it's missing all of the tipping. It still looks nice.

Thanks so much for your help.


Can't pens be re-tipped? :(

My other pen is a Montblanc and...


My other blog is a tumblr.


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These nibs can be difficult - some thread on so can be retipped easily. Many if not most are pressed on, and the back end of the nib curled over the back end to secure it. They're a pain to do. So the answer is, maybe.

Visit Main Street Pens
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Please use email, not a PM for repair and pen purchase inquiries.

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I wondered about retipping nibs, because floating somewhere in the back of my hazy mind is a video I saw of nibs being tipped with...I don't know...some sort of spark-producing device. But they weren't Triumphs.

My other pen is a Montblanc and...


My other blog is a tumblr.


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