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What Is It? Maybe A Montegrappa But . . .


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Hi - I am a dedicated fountain pen user but couldn't resist buying this ball point pen (for $0.25) at a neighbor's estate sale. Paradise Pen of Portland thought it might be Montegrappa, but did not recognize the model. A Montegrappa refill fits perfectly and looks exactly like the empty one it came with.


So here is the description: Metal body with shiny dark bronze finish; six rubber or neoprene rings at mid-point of body; it feels heavy . . . weighing in at 2 oz or about 58 grams; it's 5.1 inches long; the rounded ends can be screwed off; The lid nests on the body tightly, so almost no line when writing. The finish has been scratched or worn by the cap being nested on the body. No writing of any kind that I can see.


Thanks for the help. Jerry (aka Archcoug, Portland, Oregon)




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I see you already got some answers in your welcom topic. But besides there was another old topic mentioned there, which I will post here for the other members.




About an Alibi-pen.


Possibly this is a Chinese made pen that was sold under numerous names, just like OEM products in electronics.





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