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Renewed Affection For The Marlen Aleph


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This evening I inked a Marlen Aleph with JHerbin Éclat De Saphir and doodled on Tomoe River Paper.

How fun! It performed quite nicely. Very little railroading and some lovely modern flex.

Is anyone else enjoying this pen?


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Nice to see another Aleph fan. I am not really into penmanship and have not much use for a flex nib, but the pen is wonderful to hold and such a smooth writer. The pen flexes almost effortlessly and so far i have not exerienced railroading issues. But then. i haven't frequently put it through flexing routines.

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Next I will break open a bottle of Kon-Peki. This pen is wonderful to hold. I hope my post inspires others to revisit this model . I'm intrigued at the blitz of posts when a pen is released and then sometimes complete "radio silence".

I also finally figured out how to post photos. It couldn't have been simpler from the IPhone. I really am technologically challenged.

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