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Moore Ringtop Without A Ringtop


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There's a nice Moore 72 on ebay, a pretty nib. I collect the sturdy little ringtops, but it looks like the ringtop was pulled off sometime in the dim past, leaving a shallow divot behind.


It could be a bargain or a world of hurt. My strategy is to buy a gutted Wahl ringtop (which has a nice ring mechanism - nicer than Waterman's) for cheap, and ask one of my expanding series of pen repairers to try to marry the pieces together.


I'll do a lot for a good nib, but is this an idiotic idea? Please advise.

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Early Moore (pre- Maniflex) nibs can be really sweet. Makes good sense to me.

Every year at the LA Pen Show I stop at the Lott brothers' tables and stock up

on parts. That includes nibs, feeds, #10 sacs, a cap or two, and rings for ring- tops.

Every year I buy five, and by October I'm out-of-stock. Gotta up the inventory.

Do you really need someone to do that for you??

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Good point - it's a nice nib with a good pen attached to it - assuming we can marry another ring to it.

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I'm going to pass on the Moore - I got a Waterman that I like better, with a New York nib. It needs work, too, of course.

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