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Fountain Pens Stores In Sydney, Australia

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Hello all!


Having recently 'gotten into' Fountain pens, I was naturally interested in any brick and mortar retailers in my own city for the beloved stationary. I found this wonderful guide here on the forum (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/12113-fountain-pens-in-sydney-australia/), but as it was written in 2006, I though I would give it a bit of an update, after about 6 months experience. In a semiparticular order


  • Dymocks - The Sydney CBD store (Dymocks Sydney) has a specific fountain pen section, with a very wide variety of pens, inks and parts. They have too many to list, but I would suggest that if you are looking for anything this would probably be your best stop. They also sell Clairefontaine and Rhodia books, and at a very decent price - about RRP, which is a nice change. (424-430 George Street, Sydney 2000, https://www.dymocks.com.au/ - the website is ... not amazing for stationary)
  • Pen Ultimate, also known as Pen De Luxe - I have only visited the QVB shop, and when you are looking for it, the sign out front says Montblac, not Pen De Luxe, so keep that in mind. Again, a very wide variety of pen paraphernalia (penaphernalia!), and other stationary items. They do also do repairs, as I understand. (QVB, Level 2, Queen Victoria Building, Sydney, 2000, http://www.pensdeluxe.ashop.com.au/ - They also have an online shop)
  • Officeworks - They sell a variety of good paper brands, including Rhodia, Quink (at about $10!), and a limited selection of pens, including the Lamy Safari, Vpens, and some calligraphy sets. Watch out for mark-ups though - the Lamy I saw was $50. Again, the bigger stores will have the most. (http://www.officeworks.com.au/)
  • David Jones/Myer - Two major general retailers, they do have some fountain pen materials, including Waterman ink. You will need to go to one of the larger stores, I would recommend either in the CBD or at Bondi Juction, and ask after them in the stationary departments. (www.davidjones.com.au/http://www.myer.com.au/)
  • Newsagents - Varied, you'll just have to have a look. Also varied is the pricing...
  • Kinokuniya - In the GV, they do have a collection of stationary, including fountain pens. Mainly focused on Japanese calligraphy, but can still be helpful. (The Galeries, George St, Sydney 2000, http://www.kinokuniya.com.au/)
  • Smiggle - You'll feel silly going in, but they have a couple of pens which could be of interest to a beginner. (http://www.smiggle.com.au/)


I hope this helps!

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MBFan, the local B+M situation is basically dire. You can indeed purchase most things you want, but they will be extremely expensive compared to buying online overseas.

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thanks so much for sharing. i'm heading to sydney this july and this post would certainly come in handy.


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Really appreciate this. Was thinking it needed to be done. Melbourne too! We really are in a bit of a pen desert locally. Thank heavens for so many online shops ...

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When I was there 2-3 years ago I enjoyed browsing at Pen De Luxe (actually enjoyed browsing throughout the shops at QVB). Also, there were two Montblanc Boutiques in town, a few blocks from each other.


Glenn (love those pen posses)

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Dymocks in the CBD seems to be expanding its FP range, which is great! I also second Kinokuniya - it's the only place in Sydney I've been able to find the full range of Pilot converters. Don't buy from their web stores, because they don't show the full range.



  • Peters of Kensington's has a limited range of fountain pens at very reasonable (often discounted) prices. Their descriptions on the web store are very sparse, so do your research.
  • Kadmium in Broadway and Newtown, for Leuchtturm1917, calligraphy supplies, tracing paper, drawing paper, Caran d'Ache ink/pens, etc. They stock Fabriano writing paper (85/100 gsm), which is fountain pen friendly and much cheaper than Rhodia/Leuchtturm1917.

Online only:

  • Pen & Ink has no Sydney store, but their online shop has a good range - keep an eye on their specials!
  • Notemaker.com.au, another online stationery store, sells Lamy, Diplomat, Tombow, Kaweco and a huge range of premium paper/notebooks.
  • Paper Trader has one of the biggest notebook ranges I've seen in Australia.
  • Pen City has a big range of fountain pen and inks, including Diamine Ink.
  • I also want to give a plug to Rodger Bamford at PenClassicsNZ who sells new/used FP and inks from his website. Rodger's in NZ but shipping price is very reasonable, if slow. He stocks some ink brands I haven't seen much in Australia, like Rohrer & Klingner, Private Reserve and Diamine. The site isn't a webstore, so you need to email him to order, but I've had only good experiences with him so far. Rodger will also customise nibs before shipping on request.
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Thank you! this is an awesome resource for a newbie like me.


I tend to want to buy local to support but, as a poor uni student, only if the prices are comparable to online including shipping charges (i tend to think the shipping can be additional profit for them :P instead of being given to the courier )

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