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Ink Sac For An Osmiroid 65

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This morning I picked up an Osmiroid 65 which I bought through a local auction site.


I enquired about the condition of the mechanism and was told that it was working fine, which appears to be the case, except that there is no sac. The nib seems to be in good condition and the section and body aren't gummed up.


I have two questions as to repairing this:


  1. The section screws into the body but is very stiff after it's screwed in most of the way. What is the best way to loosen this up? It feels as though it needs a good cleaning of the threads cleaning (if it was a piece of Land Rover, I would be cleaning up threads with taps and dies, but this may be a bit extreme on what feels like relatively old flimsy plastic).
  2. The pen came without an ink sac (which may be a blessing in disguise). Where is the best place to get one. I doubt I will be able to find one in South Africa, so I'm looking at importing.

Are there any other tips and tricks I should be aware of?




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You'll need a #18 sac. It should be as straightforward a job as you can get, but always have a nib in the section when removing or refitting the section into the barrel!


As for barrel/section thread stiffness, this should not need unscrewing until you're resaccing the pen next time. Warm the barrel, screw it home and leave it.


if the cap is tight when you screw it on to the pen, this seems a common problem as the plastics shrink over time. I have sometimes scraped a little plastic from the inside of the cap lip and it's helped a bit, but most of the time I seem to be stuck with the problem.

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