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Pigmented Ink And/or Highly Saturated Ink... Startin An Overview

Morbus Curiositas

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Hello FPN Friends,


I most regularly see some stunning inks with a high saturation here.


I am trying to make a topic where there is an overview of such inks with a scanned picture or photo.


Some Ideas to add to you ink pictures


  • Brand name /series and ink name
  • behaviour (just a few words)
  • Safety.... Some inks seem to clogg pens or even kill them.(Your advice on this)
  • Fountain Pen maintenance when using this ink
  • maybe a comparison to another ink
  • your judgment

Of course not all above mentiond points are obligatory but the Ink name may come in handy :D











Highly saturated deep red brown ink quickly drying....

Love the Colour....



This was just an example but feel free to be creative....

And of course it should not take a whole day's work....

My tip if you already have a review of a pigmented or highly saturated ink.... Simply copy/paste a picture taken from that review here.. :)





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