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Ugly Maki-E Kanji/chinese Characters On Nakaya Pens?


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Oh yea, both of them look nicer than Nakaya's.


(You get what you pay for...?)

It sure seems to be the case here...

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Not giving a rats ass one way or other, my two cents.


Based on observations of many more pens with personalization that anyone elsewhere in this group knows to exist, names typically have been block characters, with little or no artistic flair provided.


Stylized characters are slightly more common on pens with dedications. Some years ago I have a neat pen with a dedication to the head of the Japan Red Cross and another from students. They are touching and heartfelt.


I have had several pens with haiku or short quotes. They too were stylized.


Stylized means it can be very difficult to accurately read the kanji.


If you think the characters are ugly see if they can be removed or redone. BTW, it seems someone would have thought about seeing a preview of the kanji before it was applied. Frankly, from my perspective, any back and forth on designing an appropriate look for kanji, would be hilarious.


If I were to ever had kanji done on my pens, it would be small and discrete. Instead of a character a device such as a turtle or Mon or individual mark would be preferable.


Fun discussion.


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