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Bomoart Sketchbook - Do You Have One?

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FountainpenBibliophile put me on the track of BomoArt sketchbooks, and I am absolutely in love with the design of these. However, I have not been able to find any reviews of them, and therefore hope that the paper paraphernalia (p)oracles in here can help me. :) There seem to be reviews of their notebooks and address books etc. on here, but I have not been able to find any on the sketchbook, with heavier paper.


If you have one of these lovely sketchbooks, would you mind sharing your thoughts and experiences with it? What media do you use in the books (pencil, watercolour, ink)? Is it easy to get to lie flat? Does the paper remind you of any other brands?


Thank you for reading, and I am grateful for any input on this.

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Hello 714,


Doing a Google search, I can't find anything from anybody who has used their sketchbooks. I think I saw a Facebook post of someone using graphite successfully. I hope someone else chimes in!



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