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An Oddball Duofold?

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I ran across a set of old Parkers while cleaning out my office; they were given to me in the Eighties when I collected Vacumatics. The pen and two pencils are all the classic Duofold red, but the furniture is plated and there's no insignia on the barrels. The pen cap has two rings, which doesn't seem to correspond with the Duofolds in the pictures I've looked at.

Am I looking at an old fake? The nib looks like a real one - an absolute nail.

I'm mostly using old Moores and Watermans and I have some nice Vacumatics, but this one's a head-scratcher. Anyone know what I've got?

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Is there a way you could post a picture? You'd probably get a more definitive answer if you did.

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I think so...

The Centennial model was certainly started in 1988, but I don't know when the orange one came out.





The Centennial model was introduced in 1987 but the orange came out in 1990.

However until we see a picture it is impossible to tell what model the OP's pen is.


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It's definitely old, since the new ones didn't have a cap band at all. I think it was sold as a set, with the pen, a clip pencil and a vest-pocket pencil. Somebody posted a picture of a near-identical pencil he'd found in a flea market. I'll take a snap and post it when I finish pre-cleaning my house.

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