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Pens And Pints June 5, 2015

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Next Toronto Pens & Pints is on.... Friday June 5, 2015

Location: The Frog and Firkin http://www.sherv.net/cm/emoticons/drink/smiley-face-making-cocktail.gif

Time: 5:30PM on...

The Frog: A Firkin Pub is located @ 4854 Yonge Street (& Sheppard)

Be sure to bring a pen or bring a friend.

Rob Maguire (Plse call me "M or Mags" like my friends do...)I use a Tablet, Apple Pencil and a fountain pen. Targas, Sailor, MB, Visconti all wonderful.

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Unless I get stuck working late, I should be able to make out with a few pens you probably have seen before.

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