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Should I Return This Pen?


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Hey guys, I need your advice!!


I always liked the Parker Urban but didn't really think it was worth its 60 EUR price tag.

I found a nice deal on ebay for 17,5 GBP + 6 GBP shipping (brand new) and thought I should go for it.


The pen arrived today and although I would say that it is genuine, there are some things that bother me.



A ) The pen arrived with a few small bumps/dings on the cap. They're not terribly visible but they're there and shouldn't be.


B ) The pen arrived with a slide converter and no cartridge. I know that the Urban is supposed to come with a cartridge and no converter.

The item description was ambiguous about that. At one point it says indeed that the pen comes with a converter and no cartridge and later on it mentions a half full packet of cartridges.


C ) I contacted the seller to ask about the nib size (item description was ambiguous about that too) and although I was told I would get a M nib, I got a F instead. That's not really a problem as I would change the nib either way but I didn't like the misinformation.


The seller (from Israel) does list some obviously fake pens among the authentic ones, but the packaging of this specific Urban seems genuine to me. The engraved date code is IIU, the seller lists the pen as made in India, and the manual has the Newell Rubbermaid logo on it.



So, what do you think I should do with this pen? Should I return it? Should I ask for a partial refund and if so how much would you ask for? Or should I just accept it as I got a really good deal either way?







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I'd be sending it back and quick. If the seller is selling some obvious fakes, there is no reason to suspect yours is not a fake, especially given the condition. It was listed as new, unopened, unused, undamaged. Yours most certainly is not. Is it supposed to have a hole in the finial?

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As a discounted pen? For me, this one would be a hard call. You got an item that corresponds to what was advertised. You haven`t inked the pen so we don`t know how it writes. Data incomplete.


I guess I would ink it up and see how it writes. If it writes well, I would forgive the dings and make it a daily writer.




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The question is how much to send it back?


I don't care much about dings, they will come with time, and for the price, i could just go with it. And the description said Ink cartridge: No, so i wouldn't expect one.

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Hey guys, thank you all for your input.


The pen was listed as "brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged" and the listing does mention that it comes with "some cartridges" but "the box is not full".


Upon closer inspection I noticed a few more marks the most bothering being the one pictured below.


I decided to contact the seller and ask for a full refund, which he did provide, so I will be sending the pen back tomorrow morning. I never inked it up.



Thanks again for your time. =)





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I think you made the right decision. The pen is obviously used and damaged, certainly not as described in the listing.

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The pen body is supposed to be metal so the crack might just be the paint chipping off, but the marks where too many to ignore.

Most of them where lined up across the pen's body as if the pen was dropped or something.

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Send it back and get a refund

Stay away (stay very far away) from eBay

Support your local B&M

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