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Carey Nib On Waterman Ideal?


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Hey all, while out thrift shopping today I found two Waterman Ideal eyedropper pens for a fairly great price and had a question or two I hope you guys can answer.

One pen has a clip and somewhat clear imprints on the barrel and the #12 on the bottom.
The other has no clip and there is a chip and crack on the cap but it should still be usable and is also a #12 with a wood like finish to the barrel.
What I found interesting is that one has a flexible Carey nib on it. I did some poking around but did not see much information for the nib or the company so I was hoping to get some help. :)

So my questions are;
Are they rare nibs since the company was not around long?
Were these found commonly on Waterman pens or is this just a Franken-pen?

I took some pictures (pardon the quality my phone isnt the best at up close shots)

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The Carey nib got swapped in at some point as a replacement.

Good luck for you, as it can easily be traded for a nice Waterman nib or two of the same size -- Carey nibs are less common.

If you are interested in that sort of trade, feel free to message or email me.





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Thank you for the response David!
I actually plan on keeping the pen/nib, I was just curious because I can't seem to find almost anything online about the brand let alone one on a waterman so its good to know its an uncommon nib.

Do you have any more information about it? I'd love to learn a bit more, or if you can direct me to somewhere that can?

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