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Starwalker Extreme Cap Scratch


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Today, I had a little accident with my Starwalker Extreme Rollerball.

With no reason, I rubbed the cap on a sheet of paper: clonclusion: the cap have now a scratch that incomodate me.

I'd like to know if there is a way to remove the scratch.






Regards, Bruno.

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I'm not sure I see one either, but to answer your question, I have used a three step pen polish a fpn member sells. Works great. You can find it on eBay or in the repairs section of fpn.

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If its that white smudge you are referring to, then seems its a polishing issue with the glass being rubbed off the wrong way :( I am sorry for that.


I wouldn't look at resin polishes but rather glass ones. Or really fine microfibre cloth? I would take it to a glass-smith for advice doubt boutique will help you probably want to just replace with exuberant prices.

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Welcome to FPN.


You have better eyesight than me, I can't see a scratch?

Unless it's the white smudge at the midnight position, you refer to? Or is that a reflection?


Basically, most scratches can be polished out. But bear in mind that the polish will be abrasive - which is how it works.

It will abrade the surrounding material down to the depth of the scratch, until all is smooth. If it's a deep scratch, you could end up with a flat-spot on your dome (which may annoy you more than the scratch). But, if is just that white smudge, I'd guess it should disappear pretty quickly, without much damage.


Good luck.

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Mister Mont Blanc

That just appears to be a scuff. I believe the domes are still made out of acrylic according to Montblanc. I am not sure of how to remove it but I think it should be fairly easy once you find the right product to use. I'm sorry that happened!

I keep thinking about selling some of my pens but all that happens is I keep acquiring more!

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I can't see scratch either! -- but you can also have the acrylic cap replaced. I dropped my Starwalker onto a concrete surface last year and the cap sustained a small nick. I took the pen to a MB Boutique and they replaced the cap on-site for about $60.00.



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I think the white spot in the red circle is what the OP is talking about, though I don't know how to remove the scratch.



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Something similar happened to me. I should add that the pen I am talking about is a cool blue Starwalker. In any case, I took it to my AD. He polished it out with a cloth and some mysterious white viscous substance. Megiuar's headlight polish works, too.

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if it is made of acrylic, then all owners of the famous Omega man on the moon watch knows that it can be removed with Polywatch!

Fountain pens are like weapons. They just make your pocket bleed so much.

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if it is made of acrylic, then all owners of the famous Omega man on the moon watch knows that it can be removed with Polywatch!



Polywatch or Autosol could work.



I use Maas metal polishing creme. I think its essentially the same as polywatch. I've used it on my Speedmaster acrylic and to remove micro scratches on assorted plastic and metal. Good stuff.

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