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Help With Montefiore...it Snapped!

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Hello! I have a small problem. i was writing with my montefiore pen the other day and it plumb well snapped! The nib and body are fine, but I wanted some suggestions on whether or not I should super glue the part back in? It seems montefiore has just dropped off the face of the earth. ( their website has, in any case) I know its not an expensive pen but it wrote amazing for me so I would like to use it again. If glueing isn't recommended, then where might I find a replacement part?





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There's a couple of these pens on eBay for around $10. A topic on this forum some years ago suggested they may have been made by Jinhao. If this is the case it might be cheaper to find a similar pen.

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Joe in Seattle

It isn't costly to try glue, but it looks like a point with too many stresses (cart/converter/screws) to 'stay' repaired. Sorry

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