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Can't Refill My Rollerball With Pelikan Ink

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I have a parker rollerball pen, which can be refilled directly with the ink, without having a refill. I refilled this pen with Pelikan ink and it did not work. what can be the reason? am I using a wrong type of ink?



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Please will you supply more information about the type of Parker pen that you are using: there are no Parker pens available in Europe that are rollerballs that can be refilled other than with a rollerball refill.


What model is it?

Are you putting the ink into a cartridge or convertor?

Are you filling the pen as an eyedropper?


Did you flush out the pen thorougly before refilling with Pelikan ink?

Which Pelikan ink did you use?


More information may help us to help you.

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You may have a chemical reaction between the inks. If you can answer View's questions, we may be able to help.

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