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Please Help Identify This Waterman 18K 750 Made In Paris


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Hello I purchased as a gift for my mother and I was hoping to find out more about it. The converter had blue ink and I was wondering if I should replace it with this one since It'll be using black. Also should I use a ultra sonic cleaner on a waterman or does the nib not come off??


Thank you so much for any help



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Leave all parts in warm soapy water for a while then place all parts into the ultrasonic and give it a few runs.

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Thanks, this is a slender pen almost like the executive line. The nib in mine looks a bit plainer than the preface I looked up. I can post some photos with my DSLR instead of phone if that'll help

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The Amazon link picture of the converter is probably wrong. I doubt they would supply the old style one shown. The latest ones have a black plastic mouthpiece.

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Awesome! You're a huge help, thanks so much. So I can put the whole disassembled pen into the ultrasonic cleaner? It just uses water in the clear I have, thanks I didn't even think about putting the case part in but it does look dirty inside. Will be her first fountain pen so hope it's one she'll enjoy

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Yes, with the lacquer or plastic over brass pens you can put everything into the pot. Put a little washing up liquid in there along with it or if you can get it in your country, JPL seaclean.


These are great pens, just right for the ladies (smallish hands), with wonderfully smooth nibs.


This was my first Waterman, given to me back in 1986 and its still used daily...and with the original converter.

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These are great pens, just right for the ladies (smallish hands), with wonderfully smooth nibs.


Hey! [stomps about, alternately kicking furniture and regarding his not notably slender hands, muttering the while]



Ravensmarch Pens & Books
It's mainly pens, just now....

Oh, good heavens. He's got a blog now, too.



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