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Parker 45 With Italic Nib?


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I recently bought a Parker 45 off the bay, which was described as having a "very broad nib." Little did I realize that it was a Broad Italic nib, marked by the "E" on the back of the section...I'm guessing the seller had little idea as to what he had offered. The pen wasn't in the best shape when it arrived, and required some TLC. :)


While it's a lovely writer, the B nib is just a little too broad for my taste and handwriting style. Does anyone know if Parker made 45's with a Medium Italic nib? I do really love a good italic nib, and this one is lovely--I'm assuming any other italic nibs they made are similarly great.





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Parker 45 nib codes:



X = Extra Fine


F = Fine


M = Medium


B = Broad


No Mark = Extra Fine Italic


C = Fine Italic


D = Medium Italic


E = Broad Italic


R = Medium Oblique


Z = Broad Oblique


S = Stub

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Off and on the past year there's been some of the italics on Fleabay but now, they are pricey, in the $40-55 area.


A while back, when they first showed up, a couple slid through for around $25-35 but they get more attention now.


As I've said before, a 14k M nib ground into an Italic is easier to do and cheaper, and is a nice width.


Bruce in Ocala, Fl

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Always worth having a good look at the pictures on Ebay - over the last year I've probably picked up around 5 D (med Italic) nibs that were on cheap 45's. Often it works out cheaper to buy a whole pen then just a nib!

I use a med italic on one of my TX's as a daily writer - love that pen!

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I've got a D marked medium italic and I'd say it was quite a generous width for medium. But maybe it's just me. I keep my eye out for a fine italic but have never seen one so far - I reckon I'll get round to having a go at reshaping one of my fines before I find one for sale.

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