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Make Baystate Ink Wetter


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Hello all,


I'm a new poster to FPN, longtime reader. I'm looking for suggestions on how to make my Baystate Cape Cod Cranberry wetter. I know it doesn't play nice with other inks, and I just ruined a preppy by adding a drop of dish detergent to the Baystate ink already in the barrel (it's an ED).


I've successfully added a drop of dish detergent to other bottles with desirable results. I've even done it to my bottle of BSB and it's working well - though in hindsight it was a huge risk, and it was likely liquid hand soap, not dish detergent, if that makes a difference.


Anyways, does anyone know how to make Baystate Cape Cod Cranberry wetter without junking it up?


Thanks in advance!

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Next time, of course, do this with smaller batches.


Anyway, check out Kodak Photo Flo and Organics Studio Flo+.

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I use a dilution of Triton x-100. It is a surfactant. I haven't tried it with Baystate inks, but it hasn't failed me yet.


A drop per 3 ml is way too much. For reference, I start with a 1:40 dilution solution, and then add tiny amounts - less than 1:100 of the diluted surfactant.

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I have so far successfully "lubricated" my bottle of Bay State Blue with 100% organic vegetable glycerin. I don't know which "vegetables" it's derived from. I also know it is not recommended to mess with the whole bottle, but I didn't want to fuss so I just added one big drop to my whole bottle.


I have only noticed a slight increase in drying time. I did not do a before and after dry time test. I know the recommended or more prudent way would be to do such tests. The slightly extra dry time has not been a problem for me.


So far, I've had no other issues, and the ink is working fine; that was about 2 months ago and I've not yet had any adverse effects such as precipitates or other nasty events.

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