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I bought the light blue with a Fine nib. It rapidly became one of my go to travel pens. You mentioned you would be afraid to travel with it, but mine has taken a huge beating. It has been to beaches, hikes, camping, sat on, you name it. It is also the first fountain pen I have taken on an airplane that has not leaked. I even left it uncapped once during a flight just to watch it, not even a little ink came out of the nib.


I also liked it because you can replace the nib with a Japanese Extra Fine and medium italic from the Plumix and Penmanship. It was a good intro into those line widths in a much nicer pen than the originals.


As a medical student, I usually need to write in pretty small lines and the F nib wrote beautifully, the perfect width for minute lines. I bought it after a F Pilot Custom 74 and that 74 has remained uninked in a cabinet since (I'll probably be getting rid of it soon).


Anyways, the Prera is a durable, fun, portable pen for a great price (around $30). My wife liked mine so much she bought her own and then proceeded to steal mine and in my book you can't get a better endorsement than that! Congrats on the pen!

Great to know those options. Coincidentally, I just graduated pre-PA, so I'll have to try the extra fine nib in med school! Edited by collectibles114
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I have two fine nib Preras. They are the smoothest fine nibs I've ever used. I use the fine nibs with really wet inks like the permanent DeAtrametis Document inks. One of my fines is a transparent green that I like to use with Noodler's Bad Green Gator and a CON-50 converter to show the ink color.

Favorite pen/ink pairings: Franklin Christoph Model 02 W/EF nib and Noodler's El Lawrence; Sheaffer Legacy w/18k extra fine inlaid nib and Noodler's Black; Sheaffer PFM III fine w/14k inlaid nib and Noodler's Black; Lamy 2000 EF with Noodler's 54th Massachusetts; Franklin Christoph 65 Stablis w/steel Masuyama fine cursive italic and DeAtramentis Document Blue; Pineider Avatar w/fine nib and Noodler's Bad Belted Kingfisher; Karas Kustoms Fountain K w/steel extra fine nib and Platinum Pigment Blue; Pilot Decimo w/18k fine nib and Pilot Blue Black; Franklin Christoph 45 w/steel Masuyama fine cursive italic and Noodler's Zhivago; Edison Brockton EF and Noodler's El Lawrence; TWSBI ECO EF with Noodler's Bad Green Gator.

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I want one, but it's just a little too small.

Fountain pens forever and forever a hundred years fountain pens, all day long forever, forever a hundred times, over and over Fountain Pen Network Adventures dot com!


- Joe

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