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Fpn Highest Ranked (Fountain) Pen Site Worldwide!


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Hoping that the trend is still moving in the right direction, some four years after this thread was started?

It would be interesting to know where FPN sits in the ratings, now. Not important, just curiosity.


I'm marking my 10 years as a member, today* - I'd like to take the opportunity to thank all the wonderful people who take the time to selflessly run this site. It truly is an oasis in the general maelstrom of the internet.


Many thanks and best wishes to you all.


*Dang! Didn't realise it was past midnight, here in the UK. So, ten years' anniversary was actually yesterday!

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Is this website owned by Parker since it is based in Michigan?


No....and Parker is not based in Michigan. It was in Wisconsin for a long time.


It is owned by Newell Brands, headquartered in Atlanta.


Pen produced in France and China, from what I understand.

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FP Addict & Pretty Nice Guy




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Terrific 👍


It is proud to be a member of FPN, where I have learnt so much more about fountain pen.


Thanks FPN and keep going !

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Congratulations on High Ranking.... I’m inspired as a noob... wonderful references, explored a few recommended websites, bookmarked wish lists, exploring pens for next investment... LOVE writing with fountain in my journal 📓... next up is a real FP journal with great paper & replaceable paper pads.

Happy New Year to all! 

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