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Line Breaking Up In A Whitbread Wilkinson Notebook


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So I bought a couple of Eames Notebooks, which are made by the UK printers Whitbread and Wilkinson. They're well-made and pretty, but ink reacts in this odd way with the paper:

First of all, the pages are blue and lined in white. I think the pages may be completely covered with ink because when I write with certain pens, the line breaks up. But with certain OTHER pens - same ink, mind, the line is smooth. The width of the nib doesn't seem to be a factor. It's this mysterious, individual interaction of nib, ink and paper.


Anyone wish to theorize?

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It's not impossible - I'm sure all my old nibs could use some smoothing, but the best solution is to give the unused one to someone who doesn't use fountain pens.

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