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I want to buy an 823 but I also want to buy a Nakaya or a KOP.

For the Nakaya I would go with the Orange one. (From Nakaya website)
post-51592-0-86220400-1427515725_thumb.jpg Arai-Shu

And for the KOP it would have to be the ebonite (no urushi because it is $1,500 more!)
From Sailor website.
The good thing about the KOP is that the nib is bigger and it can be a Naginta togi NMF.

If I go the 823 route the others pens would have to wait for a year or two.

So flashy/nice/stong color vs a good good nib, classical look pen.

Don´t know where too ask, you friends of FPN could enlight me with your opinions.


I had an XF Nakaya nib with the Mottishaw spencerian (needlepoint flex), but I want the new pen to be an everyday writing, note taking (any paper). So I would go with the M on the Nakaya and a MF on the Sailor. I want a super smooth nib, I have read the Naginta Togi could be very smooth but maybe the MF is too broad.



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KOP without a shadow of a doubt. As nice as the Nakaya is the KOP is a league above in my opinion. I would always go for the most expensive first and then work down plus the naginata togi is a very special nib

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I read something that the Naginata Togi (NT) is like the Montblanc nibs (in tip shape). I have a 146 that from the pictures of the NT looks a bit like it (not so sharp point in the tip though).

People with the NT nib think this is similar? Because I would be buying this special pen for the nib but is the nib similar to that of a MB then there would be nothing completely revolutionary about it. And this would lean me to the innovative orange of the Nakaya.

As PabloAU said the 823 could as well be a great stepping stone with a (different for me) feeling system and with a WA nib ,also novel nib.

Any feedback greatly appreciated.

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