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Nayaka "soft" Music Nib Question


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I have been looking into buying my first Nakaya pen for some time now and am very familiar with the various shapes and finishes available. What confused me is that when I started looking at Japanese listings for these pens an option for a "soft music nib" presented itself in addition to the regular music nib. I do not see any mention of this nib on John Mottishaw's site as the US dealer of their pens. Has anyone used one of these soft music nibs and how does it compare to their standard music nib? Will it be flexible in a way similar to the great Waterman flexible music nibs of the past? At double the price of a regular music nib I would expect something special but I am not sure. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. For reference here (http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/t-buneido/naf0509.html) is a link to one of the listings that mentions the soft music nib. Thank you!


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Is the flexible music nib on that site more expensive than the regular music nib? It may be just the music nib with the cut-outs in the side (elastic finishing.) I just looked on Nakaya's website and it only has one option for the music nib but for $100 you can have it made into an elastic music.

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The regular music nib is 10,000 yen extra and the soft music nib is 20,000 yen. I did not see anything about customization in the listing. This gives me the impression that this is a factory option from Nakaya. I would like to know either way for sure before I make a purchase.


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