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What Are Pilot Varsities Like?


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I am wondering the same thing. Surely the friction fit will become looser after doing this multiple times?


The dip in hot water then dip into ink vial method looks safer.


I was wondering, do you need to "clean" it out before changing ink brands/colors? I know people have mentioned in other posts that mixing inks can be dangerous.


I'm looking at the Pilot Varsities again ... since I just noticed the Pilot Varsity 7-pack in the Pilot Fountain Pen Starter Set on Mass Drop that ends in 8 hours. (https://www.massdrop.com/buy/pilot-fountain-pen-starter-set) , not that I really need all the other stuff that is bundled together (Pilot Metropolitan, 3 Plumix, 1 Rhodia pad) .... my excuse is that I can share it with my 10 yr old, and she can bring them to school to share with her classmates. :)


I don't think cleaning is possible without disassembly, and I don't plan to disassemble mine. I'm just going to write them dry, and then fill them with inks similar in color to what they had before -- green into the green, blue into the blue, etc.

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Thanks. Looked at the video (again) for the tube & syringe method and it doesn't look too difficult. It's just a matter of finding the correct size tubing. I have 4 hours to decide whether to pull the trigger on the bundle on MassDrop. I've never used a plumix before ... off to read some Plumix reviews. I already have a Metropolitan (leopard), which my 10 yr old daughter likes, so I'm sure she wouldn't mind another one.

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