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Change Ink Sac In A Webster Hard Rubber (Junior?)


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I got this nice Webster pen of an auction for $15 at the swedish ebay (Tradera).

It have a dried up ink sac that need to be replaced, how do i remove the section in the best way. I found a similar pen on the internet and on that pen it seems like the section is removed just beneath the threads, is that correct?


It has a nice 14k warranted #2 nib with som nice flex, but the tines are a little misaligned where the left tine is a little higher than the right. I think it works fine to write with but it would be nice to fix that too.


And does anyone knows where i can find a new ring to the top of the cap?


Best regard Pether




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I got it open with a heat gun and changed the ink sac and the tines on the nib, this is a smooth writer now.


The only thing left is a ring for the top of the cap. Where can i get one of those?



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